Craig Price is an Economic Development professional with a focus on lead generation, business intelligence, and leveraging technology to uncover qualified leads. Craig values taking a consultative sales approach to solve his client’s unique challenges, and is passionate about helping economic developers prioritize and structure their team to attract and retain companies.

In 2018 Craig started Propel Development after realizing that many economic development organizations struggle with how to do new business development. He works directly with clients to develop necessary processes, better understand their target industries, and directly market and sell to new location and expansion decision makers across the world. Craig believes in creating a low-cost process and leveraging technology to more efficiently pursue warm opportunities. He believes that each client’s opportunity to generate new leads is unique and structures strategic sales efforts to realize early wins and to scale over time.

He started his career in economic development in 2014 at JobsOhio as the second employee in the sales function. Craig was tasked with creating a program to create attraction leads in North America for JobsOhio and their partner organizations. He was able to build a model that was eventually scaled by JobsOhio and was adopted by four of six regional economic development organizations in the state of Ohio at present. Craig’s first major client at Propel-Development was one of Ohio’s regional economic development organizations, REDI Cincinnati. He has helped them to not only replicate the program created at JobsOhio, but to expand that program by using a data driven approach to identify companies that are most likely to be on the verge of expansion.

Craig is a graduate of Indiana University, and worked in sales and marketing in the private sector with experience in financial services and the construction industry before entering economic development. He is a husband, father, and avid Indiana basketball fan.

Craig Price