Running a business alone is hard, and if you’re a female entrepreneur in a creative industry (hair salon, tattoo artist, designer, pet services, photographer, chef, etc) you recognize that sometimes that means breaking the rules of mainstream entrepreneurship.

Welcome to your digital tribe – The Ladyboss Nation!

Sometimes you want a place to ask questions about running an effective business without feeling judged or condescended about the fact that your marketing question happens to be about a pole dance studio, a dog birthstone collar shop, a tattoo shop, or a unicorn-themed cupcake bakery.

The Ladyboss Nation is the place for you to connect with other entrepreneurs who are badasses in their industry, who might need a colleague to bitch about bad customers or a graphic designer who will happily create a flyer for your rock concert without charging you an arm and a leg.

At The Ladyboss Nation, we are casual, cool, and don’t mind the occasional curse word. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t all serious about our work.

We offer serious business advice served up in a not-so-serious manner.


Liz London