Break up with Fear and Reframe Failure: April 21, 2021

How many times has fear or your inner voice held you back from taking a leap? What could you accomplish if you reframed the way you think about failure and broke up with fear? Learn during this fire-side style chat with Mark Stanifer, Founder and CEO of Dare2Live Coaching.

After this chat you’ll:

  • Discover the source of your growth;
  • Be able to overrule your inner judge;
  • Break up with fear; and
  • Reframe failure

About Mark:

After more than two decades of leadership experience, in both the corporate and solopreneur space, Mark understands the foundation for making the impact you want to make is learning to lead yourself well first. This learning was gained first hand, much of it the hard way, without a guide. That was the genesis for founding Dare 2 Live Coaching.

Dare 2 Live Coaching exists to serve those who, as Teddy Roosevelt describes, are striving valiantly in the arena of life. Those spending themselves on a worthy cause. By showing up with their whole selves and striving to be who they were created to be, they have chosen to dare greatly.

Today, through the powerful tool of coaching, and by sharing his story and experience, Mark is helping others take their own leadership journey. He is honored to work with those who are up to the challenge, those who are willing to enter the arena and dare greatly.

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